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Sometimes the best way to get an idea how something works is to see it. We've uploaded a VIDEO DEMO and grabbed a few static SCREENSHOTS of Zednet to allow you to do just that.

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You can LOG IN to the regional Zednet interfaces from here. Otherwise, grab a coffee and become a Zednet guru with DOCUMENTATION of the interface.

Water demand management

How it works:

GSM loggers are deployed into your network at key points to monitor metrics such as level, flow, pressure, consumption, return flows, effluent quality, pump status etc. All your data is collected into an easily accessible, web based data storage and reporting toolset. The system is not tied to one particular hardware provider - it can even import text based data from legacy systems.
The hosted version of Zednet comes with proactive one-on-one support, all data is doubly backed up and the entire system monitored 24/7 to remove a few worries from your world! Managers receive automated email reports showing key performance indicators, while operational staff have access to query and management tools in their browser. Alarms can be set up to monitor low critical point pressure, high night flow, pump status, critical reservoir levels, etc.