Data Views

Zednet's Data Views (you can think of them as 'interfaces' more conventionally) are used to dynamically display, save and export various 'live' channels of data coming in to Zednet from loggers in the field.

Live Data

With the Live Data interface, you can view data from one or more channels, all in one place. Channels are grouped by site (the geographic location where your channel's of data are coming from), in turn presented in a navigation tree grouped by geographic district or region. The interface further allows you to choose how the data is displayed, using tools such as charts and grids.

Date ranges, intervals and interpolation can be manipulated to drill right down into a data set. From here the data set can then be exported, or a chart printed, saved or emailed directly from the interface.

Live Map

The Live Map interface combines your most recent data readings and stats with a geographic representation of your data. View data for your sites and channels by clicking the respective site's icon on a Google Maps style interface. In addition to viewing data summaries for your sites and channels, you can also view, export and manipulate channel data in chart or grid format.

Mobile Interface

With Zednet's mobile interface, you can use your smartphone or tablet device to view your channels of data. You can choose how you would like the data to be displayed, for example as a chart or a grid. In addition, you can also view a channel's properties as well as average data values, max and min values and determine when the last data reading was logged.